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Mat & Dryck - Heurlins Saltstänkt

Food & Drink

Here at our salty seaside bistro, we serve long-awaited West Coast classics. Without limiting ourselves in any way, we mix in a variety of other delicious dishes we've discovered from around the world. But the shrimps, well, they come from Smögen. Be assured of that. 

Feel free to dine in or take away, whether it's lunch or dinner, and please don't miss out on our “Landgång Sandwich '' that we hope you will love just as much as we do.

The beer is handpicked by Felicia, born and raised in Majorna and one of the sharpest minds in the industry behind the taps. Try Felicia's favorites and discover your own among an extensive selection of local IPA´s, fruity sours, and classic pilsners. 


Järnbäraregatan 6a, 413 01 Göteborg

  1. Mon - Thu
  2. Fri - Sat
  1. 29 Mar